National Construction Safety Week 2018 - Day 3

Posted on 05/09/2018

Thanks for coming for Day 3 of National Construction Safety Week 2018 to learn about how United Turf and Track exemplifies the utmost safety precautions on our job sites. 

Day 3 - Supervisors

We always have a supervisor on any job site. Supervisors make sure everyone is following the rules. They are there in case something goes wrong, so they can fix it fast before anyone gets hurt. Supervisors are a representation of the policies and standards of our company. They make sure we perform the most exquisite work. We would be lost without their direction and leadership! We are thankful for our supervisors who keep everyone safe on a jobsite. 

Thanks for joining us for Day 3 of National Construction Safety Week 2018! We've reached the halfway point today. Be sure to check back in the last two days for more safety insights from United Turf and Track!

Jerrod Simmons supervising on a job siteSupervising a concrete pour

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