Sub-base Construction

United is committed to providing unparalleled accuracy when it comes to the preparation of the synthetic turf or track sub base. We know the key to a long-lasting sports field or track starts with a solid foundation. 

Engineering and Accuracy

Installation of a synthetic turf field or track surface requires precision and attention to detail. United Turf and Track begins  construction of a synthetic turf field with a properly engineered drainage system. The field is then then covered with a liner and topped off with 6-8 inches of crushed limestone aggregate. Achieving accuracy and a level plane of the aggregate layer is essential to a well-draining sports field.

Soil Stabilization, Drainage Systems and Aggregate

Stabilization ensures our customers that the base soil properties are ideal and will provide sustained durability before laying the turf or track surface. Underdrains and perimeter collector drainage is installed to the design and is connected to an outflow storm water system. Six to eight inches of specified aggregate is trucked in from the nearest limestone quarry to the job site. It is then laser-graded to properly ensure that project-specified, engineered drainage and run off is achieved.

Laser Grading

United’s specialized laser grading units are equipped with the best laser technology in order to deliver designed planarity.  This laser equipment technology is used to ensure proper slopes for storm water evacuation. Laser grading equipment is utilized on the stone aggregate layers prior to surface installation, which creates the perfect sub base for any project.